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Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Programs

There are several different addiction treatment services you can use to recover.

If you are considering addiction treatment but aren’t sure what services are going to be most effective and beneficial to you, then you have come to the right place for answers. Addiction treatment services range from one program to the next but most often include inpatient addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, residential addiction treatment and private addiction treatment. Here’s a look at how each of the addiction treatment services differ from one another.

Private Addiction Treatment Services

Private addiction treatment services offer the most profound respect for the privacy of the addict during the treatment process. At private addiction treatment centers, groups are very small and provide the addict with a quaint atmosphere where they can focus more heavily on their own recovery and not so much on how many people are around them. Private addiction treatment services offer addicts the benefit of privacy and addiction treatment combined into one. Rooms are private, addicts have their own bathrooms and sometimes even their own living area, groups are limited usually to less than 10 people at a time and one-on-one counseling is highly regarded as the most effective treatment for individuals in these programs.

Residential Addiction Treatment Services

Residential addiction treatment services offer the most intense type of treatment in a facility where the patient will live and stay for the duration of the treatment program. Residential addiction treatment services are similar to inpatient addiction treatment services in that both types of treatment provide housing for the duration of the treatment program. For individuals who suffer from complex drug or alcohol addictions or those who have already tried to stop using drugs or alcohol in an outpatient program and have failed, residential addiction treatment services provide a probable solution to the problem.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services

Outpatient addiction treatment services differ from inpatient and residential addiction treatment services in that outpatient addiction treatment does not provide any type of housing during the treatment process. Outpatient addiction treatment services offer a limited scope with very little monitoring or supervision during the treatment. These programs are best suited to those who have either already completed an inpatient or residential program or those who do not have very high physical addictions to drugs or alcohol.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Services

Like residential addiction treatment, inpatient addiction treatment provides housing and around the clock monitoring for the addict during treatment. These programs offer counseling, therapy and medical intervention for addicts who suffer from highly complex addictions that are both physically and psychologically draining. Inpatient addiction treatment services may range from individual counseling and therapy to group counseling, alternative treatments and medication administration. This type of addiction treatment is both intense and invasive but offers the best possible chance for a full recovery from addiction.