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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient Addiction Program

Outpatient addiction treatment comes with a lot of benefits.

Outpatient addiction treatment is considered one of the most prevalent types of treatment available to help individuals overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. Outpatient addiction treatment programs provide a range of services that are aimed at helping individuals to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol but they do not provide the high level of monitoring that is often found at inpatient programs. These facilities are unable to offer 24-hour care or monitoring because they do not provide residential services the way that inpatient alcohol treatment centers do but they are able to offer counseling, medication and various social services that can help an addict recover from addiction.

Services Provided at Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs

Outpatient alcohol treatment programs provide many of the same services as inpatient alcohol treatment programs but they do not provide residence. Some of the most common services that are offered at outpatient alcohol treatment programs include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Therapy
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Social services
  • 12-Step Treatment
  • Non-12 Step Treatment

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Although outpatient addiction treatment may not provide as much monitoring as an inpatient addiction treatment program these programs do have many benefits. One of the most profound benefits of outpatient addiction treatment is that this type of treatment allows patients to receive treatment for their addiction without having to interrupt their daily lifestyle. People who work and provide for a family are able to attend outpatient treatment programs in the evening time or on weekends without interrupting their normal work schedule.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs are a very good choice for those who have already completed an inpatient program as well. Often times, outpatient addiction treatment programs provide the long term follow up care that people need to maintain their sobriety. Outpatient addiction treatment allows patients to live at home, work, attend school and maintain their family life while receiving addiction treatment that can help them to recover and heal.

Who Should Seek Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient addiction treatment is not for everyone but it can be very beneficial for those who have a desire to stop using drugs or alcohol and who have a strong support system at home. Outpatient addiction treatment is an excellent choice for anyone who has a minor physical addiction, has already completed an inpatient treatment program or who has a strong support system at home and needs help to stay sober. Outpatient addiction treatment programs are not recommended for people who suffer from complex addictions, high physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, or for those who have tried to quit using drugs or alcohol and have relapsed already.