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Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Drug Addiction Treatment

Let us help you find the drug addiction treatment methods that will work for you!

There are many different methods of treating drug addiction. Most drug addiction treatment methods include various types of counseling and therapy as well as certain medications and other medical intervention tactics. The most common drug addiction treatment methods include holistic drug addiction treatment, natural drug addiction treatment, alternative drug addiction treatment, 12 step treatment and non 12 step treatment.

Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Holistic drug addiction treatment methods use a whole person approach to treating addiction which focuses on treating the addict’s mind, body and soul. Holistic drug addiction treatment programs do not view addiction as a disease that only affects one aspect of a persons life but rather a disease that affects every aspect of a person including their mental state, their emotional and spiritual state and their physical being. Holistic drug addiction treatment methods usually include spiritual guidance or meditation as well as exercise, medication and counseling to aid in the addict overcome the physical and psychological dependence on drugs.

Natural Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Natural drug addiction treatment methods do not use any type of medications during the addiction treatment process. These drug addiction treatment methods may incorporate various natural or herbal remedies to the treatment program to help aid the addict in overcoming any physical discomforts as well as psychological upsets such as anxiety, depression or other emotional trauma. Natural drug addiction treatment methods focus heavily on keeping things simple and natural so that no additional detox is required after the drugs have been effectively eliminated from the user’s system.

Alternative Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Alternative drug addiction treatment methods incorporate various alternative treatment methods into the program to help the addict overcome a range of physical withdrawal symptoms and also to overcome the psychological burden that addiction has on them. Some of the most common methods of treatment used in alternative drug addiction treatment programs include Equine therapy, trust based activities, acupuncture, massage, yoga, sauna therapy and various other alternative treatment modalities.

12 Step Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

The 12 step program was designed based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but such programs have been modified to meet the individual needs of addicts who use various drugs such as narcotics, cocaine or even methamphetamine. 12 Step drug addiction treatment methods use a “higher power” approach to treating individuals who suffer from addiction and require the addict to accomplish each of 12 steps throughout the addiction treatment program. 12 Step drug addiction treatment methods recognize the addict as “in recovery” or a “recovering addict” for life unlike many other programs which claim to “heal” a person after a set length of time that an individual remains sober.

Non 12-Step Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

There are many non 12-step drug addiction treatment methods. Basically, a non 12 step addiction treatment method is any method of drug addiction treatment that does not follow a list of the 12 steps such as those which were originally outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939. Most holistic and alternative drug addiction treatment programs do not use a 12 step program so they fall into the category of non-12 step drug addiction treatment methods.