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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

Holistic addiction treatment helps you has a whole not just your addiction. 

Holistic addiction treatment programs aim to treat the entire system of a person not just the physical components that may have been affected by addiction to drugs or alcohol. A holistic addiction treatment plan will take into account every aspect of a person’s life that has suffered from addiction including their spirituality, emotional state, mental state, family structure, and their health. Holistic addiction treatment can take many forms but most often incorporates treatment for the mind, body and soul to provide a rounded recovery approach.

Holistic addiction treatment is a relatively new form of treatment that is growing rapidly due largely in part to the effectiveness of such treatment methods. Holistic addiction treatment is even being added to many traditional addiction treatment programs as well as many non-traditional centers that provide treatment for both drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Customized treatment plans that are provided by holistic addiction treatment programs focus on healing the entire system of a person so that they can live happy, healthy and sober.

Services Provided at Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers

A number of services may be provided at a holistic treatment center including services that are aimed at healing the spirit of an addict, services to heal the emotional and mental state of those addicted to drugs or alcohol and of course a range of services that are aimed at helping an individual to heal physically. Some of the most common holistic addiction treatment services include meditation, yoga, natural detoxification, herbal remedies, spiritual counseling, diet and nutrition, exercise, saunas, massage and acupuncture.

Detoxification at Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers

Detox takes many forms and may or may not be completed with the use of additional medications. Many holistic addiction treatment programs opt not to use medications during detox and focus on a more natural or herbal approach to detoxification. Some holistic addiction treatment programs will incorporate acupuncture or massage as well as exercise and nutrition into the detoxification program an individual safely and effectively detox from drugs or alcohol.

Nutrition and exercise play a big part in the holistic addiction treatment program, especially during drug and alcohol detox. Every meal that is served at a holistic drug treatment center or holistic alcohol treatment center is aimed at helping the addict to cleanse internally and get the vitamins and nutrients that they need to heal more quickly from the negative effects of addiction. Paired with an exercise routine that will help to further eliminate toxins from the body, holistic addiction treatment programs focus much of the recovery process on detox.

Alternative Treatments at Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

Many alternative treatments or therapies may be used at holistic addiction treatment programs. One thing to consider is that each holistic addiction treatment program relies heavily on the individual needs of the addict when they develop a treatment plan. Unlike many other programs that may use a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, holistic addiction treatment programs take into consideration every aspect of an addict’s life prior to developing a treatment plan that will be effective. Alternative treatments such as acupuncture and massage may be used to help an addict overcome many of the physical discomforts and pains that are associated with drug or alcohol detox. Such methods are also used to help an addict relax and come to terms emotionally and spiritually with their addiction.

Yoga, Tai-chi, and other meditation methods may be used to help the addict heal spiritually and emotionally. Mentally, these methods can help to rebuild strength and stamina for the addict providing them with the strength to move forward with the treatment process. Holistic addiction treatment methods take into account the damage that is done to the person’s mental and spiritual health as well as physical health which is one of the reasons that holistic addiction treatment is so effective for so many people.