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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Cocaine addiction treatment can help you recover successfully.

Treatment for cocaine addiction can be complicated. This is due to the highly-addictive nature of the drug, as well as the difficulty of withdrawal. Both of these factors together make inpatient cocaine addiction treatment the best way of approaching recovery.

Why Inpatient Cocaine Treatment is Preferable

First, withdrawal from cocaine can be an extremely difficult experience. Behavioral abnormalities and mood disturbances are two of the most common withdrawal symptoms. If the addict is not under supervision from qualified medical personnel, relapse is likely during this stage. He will feel the need to avoid withdrawal symptoms and regain the effects of the drug at the same time. He may also contemplate or attempt suicide. Detoxification from cocaine requires professional assistance.

Cocaine use has an astounding effect on the brain. For this reason, medication may be necessary during treatment. The most effective cocaine addiction treatment program will also include behavioral therapy, counseling, and a peer support group such as Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous. Family counseling is another valuable part of a good treatment program. All of these services can take place at the residential treatment center.

Staying Clean is Difficult, but it Can be Accomplished

The effects of cocaine make the drug hard to resist. After you have completed your inpatient treatment program, an aftercare program will increase your chances of staying clean. There are two common forms of aftercare for those who have completed cocaine addiction treatment. One form of aftercare consists of an extended stay at the residential treatment center. You will continue to live under supervision, while having the opportunity to help other addicts.

A second form of aftercare is an outpatient arrangement. You will continue to meet with your counselor on a regular basis. If you choose this option, you must show up for all of your appointments. Outpatient aftercare may require you to submit to regular or random drug tests.

While recovery means making changes, regardless of one’s drug of choice, it is especially important to a cocaine addict. Avoiding old friends who use drugs not only decreases your risk of relapsing, it also helps you learn to make better choices. An addict who wants to stay clean does not need the companionship of drug users.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Shows it Can be Done

When you take inpatient treatment and aftercare seriously, you have started on the right road. However, the journey is far from over. Staying clean requires a great deal of motivation and willingness on your part. The addict who is able to see his former drug use as negative has taken a huge step toward lasting recovery. Many are unable to do this, and relapse. Attaching fond memories to using drugs is not the way to recover. Instead, enter a cocaine treatment program fully prepared to do what you need to do. Look at cocaine as something you want to never deal with again. While statistics show many cocaine addicts relapse, you do not have to be one of those statistics. You can put it behind you and recover.